Van Go Art Club Members

Shanna Wiggins (President)
P.A. Geddie (Secretary/Treasurer)
Randy Martin (Co-Chair/Little Free Art Shops)
Tamra Licha (Co-Chair/Little Free Art Shops)
Cami Nicholas
Carol Riedel
Christi Haltom
Ashley McLellan
Berny Duke
Brittany Kiefer
Gloria Clanton
Tammy Wiedman

To become a member of the Van Go Art Club, email Indicate how you would like to participate:

1. Attend monthly planning meetings.

2. Serve on a projects committee.

3. Volunteer at an event.

4. For artists, indicate if you are willing to demonstrate your art in a Van ISD classroom or at a special event.

Be sure to follow Van Go Art Club on Facebook for updates on projects and activities.