The Van Zandt Arts & Cultural District Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization supporting arts events and education opportunities in the southeast corner of Van Zandt County, Texas, a distinctive arts and cultural sector of the county, as well as the Van school district.

The foundation serves as an advocate for building community through arts activities and education for the Van Zandt Arts & Cultural District which includes the towns and surrounding countryside of Edom, Van, and Ben Wheeler. To complete our mission, the foundation sponsors a broad range of activities with an emphasis on those with an artistic and cultural nature.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to enhance and promote the value of the district’s creative and economic life by engaging artistic, cultural, educational, and commercial neighbors through programs, events, and initiatives.

With three unique downtowns and an exciting array of memory-making opportunities scattered throughout the outskirts of the towns and rural parts of the district, and a school district that welcomes community arts and cultural interaction, the Van Zandt Arts & Cultural District is evolving and VZACD Foundation is at the center of it all.

The foundation is focused on quality of life for residents, visitors, and future generations through building community, collaboration, education, and innovation in this beautiful, unique area of Texas. 

Van Go Arts Club

The Van Go Arts Club is network of artists, students, parents, teachers, businesses, and others interested in leading and/or participating in arts education, initiatives, and events in the Van Zandt Arts & Cultural District. The group meets regularly to exchange ideas, plan and implement arts projects and fundraisers, and support the mission of VZACD Foundation.